PET Vapour Barrier (25.0 sqm roll)



Once the EcoFilm has been installed, and before laying the final floor covering, a layer of Polyester Vapour Barrier (PVB) must be used to cover the whole Carbon Underfloor Heating System.
Please Note: this product is only available for free delivery when purchased with an underfloor heating system.
The PVB provides additional mechanical protection against damage to the EcoFilm by chaffing as slight movements of the final floor can damage the heating system. PVB also provides additional supplementary electrical insulation as a requirement of the BS EN 60335-2-96 Approval Certificate. PVB provides additional protection against spillage of liquid on the finished flooring which could seep through to the floor. The joints where the PVB film meet must be overlapped by a minimum of 100mm. The entire joint length should then be taped down with our ADT-50 Heavy Duty Adhesive Tape (50mm X 50m)
Please Note: You must cover the entire floor with the PVB, even unheated areas.


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