Luxury LVT Vinyl Flooring

Choosing Luxury LVT Vinyl For Your Home

Luxury LVT vinyl flooring. Light or dark? Wood or stone design? Choose an interior that appeals to you, with a luxury LVT vinyl floor. With a world of color and design available to you, vinyl floors are both practical and stylish. Compare different samples with each other and try your way until you find your dream floor. We use two manufacturers for our vinyl floor coverings, Kahrs, and Parador between them you have around 275 ranges of vinyl flooring available to you.

Kahrs Engineered Wood, Parador Engineered Wood, and Boen Engineered Wood are the three manufacturers from which we source our engineered wood floors. You can be assured that all the brands we offer are high-quality manufacturers that provide wood floors that will stand the test of time. 

Engineered wood floors is an excellent option for your home. This type of wood floor is very natural looking and when properly maintained engineered wood will last a lifetime. If the floor does get damaged which it will over time, you can also sand this flooring down and re-stain, oil, or lacquer your floor. Engineered wood flooring is also suitable for use with our electric carbon film underfloor heating system. If it’s warm floors you’re looking for, then this is the right solution to meet your needs.

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Do You Want To Heat Your Floor? We have the ideal solution for heating luxury LVT vinyl floors, our carbon film underfloor heating system is just 7mm thick and designed to be the perfect heating solution for your home. To use the type of heating with vinyl flooring you will also need to create a floating subfloor over your heated floor to which your vinyl flooring can be laid over the top. The dual overlay boards are also 7mm thick this gives you a full floor build height of 14mm prior to any vinyl being fitted. 

Our invisible heating system has no moving parts which means very little can damage this type of heating system. This allows for the system to be 100% maintenance-free, fully programmable, and completely silent.

Choosing The Perfect Luxury LVT Vinyl Floor is Easy

View Our Luxury LVT Vinyl Online – Click through to our manufacturer’s websites for Kahrs, and Parador. View the luxury LVT vinyl flooring ranges available to you. There are over 400 ranges to choose from and stock can be delivered within 7 days.

Pick Your Luxury LVT Vinyl Samples – Once you have found some flooring ranges you like we can arrange to drop off our flooring sample boards to you. These sample boards are large and can be kept for 3 days at your home where they can be viewed in situ under different lighting.

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View Our Luxury LVT Vinyl Flooring Ranges

Kahrs Luxury LVT Vinyl Floors

It’s easy to see why Kahrs luxury LVT vinyl floors are unsurpassed in terms of quality and longevity. An extraordinary home begins with the perfect floor.

Parador Luxury LVT Vinyl Floors

You can design your home in a variety of ways with luxury LVT vinyl flooring from Parador.

Carbon Film Underfloor Heating

The perfect heating solution for your home. Suitable for use below luxury LVT vinyl flooring

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