Carbon Heat - Privacy Policy

Carbon Heat Ltd is the data controller of the information you provide. We aim to follow GDPR guidelines to ensure that you and your data are protected. This page aims to let you know what data we collect, and how that data is used.

Your Information:

We only collect data that is necessary to allow us to provide you with the ability to transact with us, and for us to provide you with the best possible service. This data is stored for the minimum length of time that allows us to provide/maintain our service to you (e.g warranty), and our legal duty to the relevant authorities (e.g. taxation)

Information we store about you:

  • Name
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • E-mail Addresses
  • Purchases
  • IP addresses used to purchase

Whilst credit card details are taken at the checkout on the website, these are encrypted before leaving your computer and are never stored by Carbon Heat, they are passed (encrypted) to our secure payments provider to allow them to take the necessary payment.

We will never collect sensitive information about you without your consent. If you do consent, this additional information you give us will be used for personalisation purposes.

How we use your data:

The data you provide is used to allow us to fulfill our contract with you as a customer. E.g. delivery of goods, processing of returns, product recalls, etc. The data collected is also used to help us fight fraud.

We may also use your purchase history to provide you with relevant information on promotions and to personalise your online experience.


We may use technology to track the patterns of behavior of visitors to our site. This can include using a “cookie” (a small piece of electronic information), which would be stored on your browser. Unless you modify your browser settings, information collected this way can be used to identify you.

Third Parties:

We employ other companies & individuals to perform functions on our behalf. Those companies and individuals will have access to information needed to perform those functions, but may not use it for any other purposes and are required to process the data by GDPR legislation.

Email Marketing:

We do not provide your email address to other companies for marketing purposes. You can unsubscribe from the marketing emails at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe Link that will appear in every email you receive. If you have difficulty with this link or wish to amend your details, you may notify us using the “contact us” form on our site. Clicking the unsubscribe link normally takes immediate effect, however, please allow up to 7 days during which time you may continue to receive emails from us.


Carbon Heat takes security seriously. Our websites all use encryption to provide you with a secure shopping experience. All web pages will be delivered using HTTPS (you can see this by the presence of the green padlock in your browser address bar).

No payments or payment details will be collected on our site, this will all be done through the payment processing services and customers will be redirected to their secure payment to complete the transaction and redirected back to the site once the payment is completed. All their processes and server will be PCI compliant.

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