Thermal Insulation Boards

> Excellent Thermal Properties
> Insulation Qualities
> Waterproof
> Fix or Bond to any Surface
> Easy to work with
> Lightweight

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A lightweight insulation board developed specifically for underfloor heating applications. It is constructed from extruded polystyrene and designed for easy installation. This product provides excellent levels of thermal insulation & is a complimentary addition to any underfloor heating system. The high thermal resistance of the product prevents heat losses to the sub-floor. It is availble in 2 ranges.


The ideal product to prevent downward heat loss under wood & laminate floors.

Ecomax-Lite Thermal Insulation is an extruded polystyrene insulation material for use below wood or laminate floors in conjunction with EcofilmSet Underfloor Heating Elements

Ecomax-Lite is available in 6mm thick sheets & is manufactured from fully recycled material free from ozone depleting chemicals

Produced from a closed cell construction foamed polystyrene it has excellent thermal insulation properties.

It should be used below ALL EcofilmSet heating systems.

* Where threshold height limitations permit we recommend installing a double layer of Ecomax-Lite insulation on uninsulated concrete sub-floors

Ecomax-Lite performs the following functions:

  • Excellent Thermal Insulation Barrier. K value of 0.035W/mK
  • Can be used on most subfloor constructions, concrete, timber, chipboard, etc. *
  • Effectively levels small imperfections in the subfloor in preporation for laying EcofilmSet.
  • Excellent sound insulation qualities when used with laminate by reducing the “booming” effect caused by walking on floating laminate floors.
  • Lightweight & easy to work with and lay.
  • Excellent moisture resistance, does not age or rot.