Electric underwood carbon film elements 140W


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We provide carbon heating film at the lowest price in the UK guaranteed.

140W carbon heating element is the ideal solution for providing an economic electric underfloor heating solution for a variety of wood floor coverings. The product is ultra-thin, robust and is used as a dry lay system to heat under a full range of different floor coverings.

Kit Includes

1 x Carbon heating roll, size as specified

1 x Cold cable connectors, amount to suit

1 x PET Vapour Barrier

1 x Full installation instructions

1 x Free technical support line 0800 756 6862

This system comes with a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE.

Our carbon film, is rated at 140W/m2 Just select the nearest size you require to provide maximum floor coverage, and Carbon Heat will tailor the product to your room dimensions. The system is NOT suitable for installation in a bathroom, this is because its not an earthed product.

PET Barrier Included in Price

PET Vapour Barrier

Once the Carbon Film has been installed, and before laying the final floor covering, a layer of Polyester Vapour Barrier (PVB) must be used to cover the whole Carbon Underfloor Heating System.

Additional information

Carbon Film 130W

1 m2, 1.5 m2, 2 m2, 2.5 m2, 3 m2, 3.5 m2, 4 m2, 4.5 m2, 5 m2, 5.5 m2, 6 m2, 6.5 m2, 7 m2, 7.5 m2, 8 m2, 8.5 m2, 9 m2, 9.5 m2, 10 m2, 10.5 m2, 11 m2, 11.5 m2, 12 m2, 12.5 m2, 13 m2, 13.5 m2, 14 m2, 14.5 m2, 15 m2, 15.5 m2, 16 m2, 16.5 m2, 17 m2, 17.5 m2, 18 m2, 18.5 m2, 19 m2, 19.5 m2, 20 m2


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