Electric underfloor heating 100w cables


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100W/m2 Ecoflex Underfloor Heating loose Cables can be installed on top of either suspended floors or solid concrete floors enabling installation in all types of rooms.

Kit Includes

> 1 x 100W/m2 Ecoflex heating cable, size as specified
> 1 x Full installation instructions
> 1 x Free technical support line on 0800 756 6862
> 1 x Free next day delivery!!

This kit includes a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE.

Ecoflex cables are ideal for smaller installations or in rooms with an irregular layout. The flexibility of the loose cabling system makes it possible to heat the maximum floor area including hard reaching areas.

Additional information

Cable Sizes: 100w

0.6m2, 1.2m2, 2.1m2, 2.6m2, 3.5m2, 4.1m2, 5.1m2, 5.2m2, 7.1m2, 8.4m2, 9.6m2, 12.6m2, 14.5m2, 17.5m2, 21.4m2


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