How to Install Carbon Heating Film (Under Wood Heating Film)

Prior to installation of the underfloor heating system, a thermostat containing a floor sensor that will be placed in a plastic conduit and positioned centrally below one of the heating elements should be installed in a place free from draughts, out of direct sunlight, and close to the electrical supply. The floor sensor needs to be level with the thermal insulation once it is installed. The floor sensor cable will be fed into a junction box later.

To begin installing the carbon heating roll system, the floor must be clean and free of sharp objects. Ecomax-Lite Thermal Insulation Boards should be laid over the entire floor, including the unheated areas. Tape the edges of the insulation to hold them in place.

With the copper side down, roll out the first heating element, applying light finger pressure on the cable connection covers. Using a sharp knife, remove the backing to allow the cable connection cover to sit flush with the surface. Tape along the edges of the heating elements and cut a channel along the plastic conduit to accommodate the connection leads. Run the connection leads to the junction box and tape the leads to the box.

To provide moisture and additional element protection, a vapor barrier should be laid over the heating elements. Roll out the vapor barrier, cut to length, and overlap adjacent pieces. Again, cover the entire floor, including the unheated areas.

Once the underfloor heating system is laid, all that is left is the electrical connections, which must be done by a qualified electrician. You can have individual thermostats to control separate zones or you can have a single thermostat, which will require a contractor. Again, all of these connections must be done by a qualified electrician.

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