Dual Board Overlay System

  • Complete Solution for Carpet & Vinyl Floors
  • Dry Lay Alternative
  • Clean & Simple to Install
  • Suitable for use over EcofilmSet system

System Application

Ecomax-Duo Dual Board Overlay System is designed as the complete solution for carpet and vinyl floors. It is applied over the EcofilmSet to create a free floating sub-floor that is extremely stable and is instantly ready to receive the finished floor covering.

Further Information

The complete electric underfloor heating solution for carpet and vinyl floors.

Traditional methods of installing electric underfloor heating in rooms with carpet or vinyl floor coverings, consisted of utilising cable systems covered with difficult to use and time consuming liquid levelling compounds. These tend to be messy & extend the installation time & costs because of drying/curing times.

There is now a dry lay alternative to this system that is both quick, clean and simple.

Ecomax-Duo is a dual board overlay system suitable for use over EcofilmSet underfloor heating. It is a dry lay system that creates a free floating sub-floor that is extremely stable and is instantly ready to receive the finished floor covering.

Ecomax-Duo provides a smooth stable laying surface to which most finished floor coverings can be fixed. This enables EcofilmSet elements to be used as the underfloor heat source for a variety of floor coverings such as carpet, linoleum and luxury vinyl.


Installation of Ecomax-Duo is quick, clean and simple. The system consists of a baseboard and a top board, each with a layer of adhesive. To install, place both boards with the facing adhesive layers on top of each other. The joint edges of each layer should be staggered (see diagram). Both adhesive surfaces interact to bond the boards together to provide a stable laying surface. Boards can be easily worked with and cut. Full inter-board adhesion is obtained by tapping with a rubber mallet once a satisfactory layout pattern has been achieved.

The combination of EcofilmSet and Ecomax-Duo provides a labour saving, cost effective method for heating Linoleum, Vinyl and Carpet. Completely dry-fit, the heating system and floor can be laid in one continuous process.

No mess and no drying time delay means jobs can be completed quicker and easier.

Carpet, Vinyl & Linoleum can be laid directly on the surface of EcoLay as the thermal insulation material (Ecomax-Lite) used below the EcofilmSet heating system provides cushioning from step impact.

Carpets with a low tog rating should be used. The greater the tog rating the slower the heating sytem will react. If you need to use an additional underlay ensure that it also has a low tog rating.

For fixing it is recommended to use the double-stick method of carpet installation as this will allow better heat transfer.

Ecomax-Duo Useful Information

Dimensions 600mm x 1200mm
Thickness 7mm
Coverage per pack 2.88m2 (4 base boards
& 4 top boards)
Material MDF fitted with
interactive adhesive
Density 770Kg/m3
Fire Class B2
Thermal Resistance 0.07m2K/W

Product Codes

DUO 7 7mm 600 x 1200 4 base boards & 4 top boards (2.88m2