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Engineered Wood Flooring

To the naked eye, engineered wood flooring has all the natural beauty of solid wood. Intriguing textures, rich and subtle colours, and gorgeous finishes are all present and correct. However, the boards are constructed in a way that makes them more versatile, and more practical, in today’s home.

Raglan Range
Raglan Engineered Wood Floors emulate the castle - technologically advanced and durable, yet beautiful to look at. It's available in Oak, Walnut and Maple floor materials. The thickness allows for optimum thermal transfer so underfloor heating is a good combination with most of these hardwood floors. more info
Harlech Range
The Harlech collection is by far the most popular range of Oak and Walnut wooden flooring from Woodpecker. Its popularity stems from its reputation as a practical and valuable hardwood floor, available in 13 natural or stained finishes to complement most decors. This 15mm engineered floor boasts a respectable 4mm solid wear layer and can be installed in combination with underfloor heating if stuck down or secret nailed; otherwise it can be floated. Its popular and practical appeal emulate the symbolic stronghold which made its mark on history. more info
Berkeley Range
This distressed Oak Flooring is named after the bastion commanding the Berkeley area that has lived on in the same family for 24 generations. We don’t expect you to wait as long for a floor of the same character, so each Berkeley board is aged and distressed to imitate this great heritage. It takes 7 stages to achieve this accent, including hand scraping and double smoking processes. more info
Goodrich Parquet Range
Parquetry’s origins begin with the medieval practice of raising seated noblemen over basic stone floors using decorative wooden floor planking. Goodrich parquet flooring continues this tradition and will transport you to a different era. Each board is brushed to highlight the natural properties of the Oak and you can combine this floor with underfloor heating if you stick each board down. more info
Salcombe Range
The Windsor selection of Oak engineered floors is named after the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, a home to royals and meeting place of the most senior order of British chivalry. Its long, non-bevelled 2200mm boards will thrive in both commercial and domestic environments; it sports 6 coats of resilient UV lacquer or oil. Windsor flooring exemplifies the heraldry and continuing functional pedigree of a truly national treasure. more info
Chepstow Range
A Chepstow engineered wooden floor takes its inspiration from the oldest surviving medieval fortification in Britain, with historical doors on site that are over 800 years old. The range of thick 21mm planks are aged and distressed to mirror that antiquity, yet they are just as durable and will be for generations to come. Each board is supremely individual and distinguished in appearance, available in Planed, Distressed and Sawn finishes. more info