Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Radiant heating, or as it is more commonly referred to, underfloor heating, is arguably superior to conventional methods for various reasons. Some of the more noticeable benefits of underfloor heating include comfortable heat, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and the silent operation of underfloor heating.

With conventional heating, air rises to the ceiling and warms the upper body while leaving the lower body cooler. In contrast, underfloor heating warms the lower part of the room and the body. When the air rises from the floor, it loses heat and gives off a feeling of natural warmth. Underfloor heating is installed close to the floor surface resulting in a quick warm up of the room. The heat is spread over the entire floor, reducing the heat loss from our bodies without overheating the surrounding area. Underfloor heating gently and evenly warms in the same way as the sun, providing warmth without the stuffiness of conventional heating systems.

In addition to providing more comfortable heating, underfloor heating also provides healthier heating. Underfloor heating is buried under the floor and since the entire floor acts as one huge radiator, there are no hot spots to create large air currents that carry dust particles around the room. Underfloor heating causes less air movement, thereby causing minimal circulation of pollution, dust, and allergens throughout the room. It is less likely to dry out your breathing passages and skin.

The uniform heat distribution form underfloor heating makes it possible to set the thermostat 2 - 4 degrees lower than usual without any loss of comfort or warmth. The underfloor heating system is very efficient because it provides a lower air temperature allowing you to feel warmer at a lower temperature because the underfloor heating is lowering the heat loss from your body. Underfloor heating concentrates the heat in the lower half of the room where the human body needs it most. Energy savings will vary depending on the insulation and usage pattern of the underfloor heating system, but you can save anywhere from 10-40% on energy costs. There is no risk of overheating with an underfloor heating system. During the day, the sun will heat the floor next to the window and the cable will lower its heat output automatically. If there is a draft near the door, the cable senses the need for more heat, and increases its heat output. If you have underfloor heating under a carpet, the cable will sense this and lower its heat output accordingly.

Underfloor heating is aesthetic and space saving at the same time. It does not take up wall space with radiators, allowing you more freedom in placing your furniture. You won't see vents or hear air blowing with underfloor heating. There is no visible sign of your underfloor heating system other than a thermostat. The underfloor heating system is silent. There are no banging or knocking sounds emitting from radiators and no hum from a forced air system. For answers to common questions about underfloor heating, please consult our frequently asked questions page.

In summary, underfloor heating is comfortable, healthy, aesthetic, space saving, silent, and energy efficient. Replacing your conventional heating system with an underfloor heating system can save you space and money while keeping you comfortably warm and healthy.