How to Install Cables, Cable Kits and Cable Mats

How to Install Cables, Cable Kits and Cable Mats

Installation techniques for installing underfloor heating cables and an underfloor heating mat are quite similar. It is recommended that you begin either procedure by applying a sealer/primer to the subfloor prior to applying adhesives. Each installation technique follows the basic plan of adhesive applied to the subflooring followed by insulation placed on top of the adhesive. The underfloor heating system, whether it be underfloor heating cables or an underfloor heating mat, is then laid over the insulation. This is followed by another layer of adhesive upon which tiles or stones are laid.

The first step of any installation is correctly measuring the area to be heated. You should avoid all permanent fixtures and avoid blocking the heated area so heat will not build up and damage the floor. From the total area you are planning to heat, you should deduct ten percent to allow for the perimeter of the room.

Prior to installing heating cables or heating mats, the thermostat(s) must be installed. You have the option of using one single thermostat to heat an entire room or using more than one thermostat to heat specific zones in the room.

Once you have determined the size of the area to be heated and the correct size of the heating cable or heating mat needed, you need to position the floor sensor correctly. This involves marking the floor right under the thermostat and cutting a channel in the insulation through which the sensor can be threaded. All electrical connections should be performed by a qualified electrician.

As stated above, you begin by applying tiling adhesive over the subfloor and place insulation on top of the adhesive. The insulation will provide a barrier between the subfloor and heat source, thereby improving the performance of your floor heating, speeding up the initial warm up times and save money on electricity costs. The thicker the insulation, the better.

Once the electric underfloor heating cables or cable mat has been laid over the insulation, a qualified electrician must hook up the electrical components of the cables and the mat to a circuit box. This is not something you should try to do yourself as the law requires a professional electrician to complete the electrical work.

Once the underfloor heating cable or cable mat is installed, you need to apply a flexible tile adhesive. The adhesive should be applied evenly and spread in the same direction. Once the adhesive is applied, you are ready to install tiles or stone over the adhesive. Follow the directions that came with your tiles for Installation.